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Brooks Local Immigration Partnership Settlement and Integration Strategy

To date, the partnership has completed a literature review and needs assessment to determine where community strengths and gaps are. This along with community and partnership consultations has allowed us to look at what our community’s needs are related to settlement and integration outcomes. Together we have identified three key areas of focus: English-Language and Education; Social Isolation and Integration’ and Immigrant Youth (age 15-24)

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Community Needs Assessment

This research project builds upon the literature review to present a comprehensive overview of settlement and integration in Brooks. Through this research, we aimed to identify current gaps and strengths in the settlement and integration processes. 

The findings identify the capacity of service providers to support settlement and integration needs; and identify barriers to integration in a number of domains. Information obtained through this research project will be used to raise awareness of immigrant needs, through presentation and dissemination to partnership members, and the greater community. The findings will be used to develop a local settlement strategy and action plan. 

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Immigration & Settlement Community Literature Review

To identify community strengths and gaps in knowledge, related to immigrants and newcomers, Brooks LIP Council identified a need to support the relevant research already in our community prior to taking on a fresh needs assessment.
By highlighting work recently done locally, we were able to compile a list of existing research, and currently available data relating to immigrant populations, assets, and issues.
This was an opportunity for the forming LIP Council to share information across sectors, build trust, and produce collective document.
The findings of the literature review will now guide the LIP Council to determine the scope and direction of a Community Needs Assessment, the results of which will be used to create a LIP strategy to address the key priorities and issues for immigrants to Brooks.

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2016 Community Forum

On January 26th, 2016 a community forum was held at the Fire Hall in Brooks, Alberta. Invitations were sent to community stakeholders and the forum was advertised widely in the community, including on public radio. The forum purpose was to introduce the Brooks Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) to key stakeholders in the community and to initiate dialogue with them as relates to their vision for a Welcoming and Inclusive Brooks. 27 participants from various community organizations, government and social services participated in the event.

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Currently BLIP is looking for community members to join working groups. As mentioned, BLIP is focused on three key areas. English-language learning and Education, Social Isolation and integration and finally Immigrant Youth (15-24).
If you are interested in joining any of these working groups, please contact Fartun at or call at 403-362-1471.