Frequently Asked Questions

What are Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs)?
  • LIPs represent a new form of collaboration at the community level; related to the settlement and integration of newcomers
  • LIPs actively engage stakeholders, including mainstream institutions, to encourage a locally-driven strategic planning process
  • LIPs are broad in scope. Being structural and not task-specific, they are capable of serving a multitude of ends through a collaborative approach with a wide variety of local stakeholders interested in settlement and integration

Strength is derived from unity. The range of our collective vision is far greater when individual insights become one.
~ Andrew Carnegie

What is the purpose of Brooks LIP?
  • Strengthen local and regional awareness and capacity to integrate immigrants
  • Establish or enhance partnerships and community participation to coordinate the delivery of integration services
  • Improve access to effective services that facilitate settlement and integration
  • Improve access to labour market for immigrants
What is the LIP Process?


What Have other LIPs done?

Why are LIPs important?

Although LIPs do NOT provide any direct services, we understand that diversity brings social and economic prosperity to a community if all residents are able to connect, contribute, and know they belong. Integration is a two way street and full participation is not just an individual’s or a single agency’s job. To succeed as a community, we ALL have a role to play in building connections and understanding between newcomers and the established community.

What is the Immigrant Advisory Group (IAG)?

A group of foreign-born volunteers who draw on their lived experiences as immigrants to the Brooks area to advise our partnership council.

Did you know…
  • There are over 72 languages spoken in Brooks
  • 16% of Brooks population moved here from an international location
  • 29% of Brooks’ population have lived here less than 5 years